Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TY Extended Essay: Downham, Christopher, Frank

In her Transition Year Extended Essay, Catie McGonagle wrote on three books which feature women who are trapped in different circumstances: Anne Frank's Diary (original cover, left), Leslie Downham's Before I Die, and Lucy Christopher's Stolen.

Catie writes:-

'I find it exceptionally odd that someone would willingly, and in full knowledge of his or her actions, trap themselves and even get some kind of sick enjoyment out of it. I used to understand why they do it. I even used to think it was a good thing. But now, after reading the three books I chose for my extended essay, I can understand what being trapped really means. The Oxford English Dictionary defines trapped as a verb meaning to prevent from escaping or getting free. But for Gemma, Tessa, and Anne, the characters in my books, being trapped takes a unique new form that is specific for each character and their situation.'
Read Catie's full essay here.

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