Thursday, November 18, 2010

Edublog Awards 2010

 Our nominations for the 2010 Edublog Awards are:
  • Best Teacher Blog: The Frog Blog - Run by secondary school science teachers Humphrey Jones, Jeremy Stone and Peter Jackson, this superb resource is full of enthusiasm for all the myriad elements of science, from 'Weird and Wonderful Animals' to astronomy to the local ecosystem of the school. It's also immediately accessible to everyone, whatever your age or specialism.
  • Best Educational Use of a Social Network: The English Companion Ning - 'Where English teachers go to help each other' is the tag-line for this astonishing success story. Founded by Californian English teacher Jim Burke two years ago, it now has over 25,000 members from around the world, who have 'a café without walls' in which they can get support, ideas and resources on their subject.
  • Best New Blog: More Stress, Less Success - - Humphrey Jones started blogging this academic year on 'being a teacher - a busy one'. His blog is 'about recognising the work that teachers do in a society where they are rarely valued. It's also about exploring new ways to teach and learn, specifically using technology.' It's honest, engaging and direct.
  • Best Resource Sharing Blog: James Michie - James Michie is an English educator who tries out interesting resources, shares them via his blog, and then reflects on their value in education. This blog is full of great ideas.
  • Best Individual Tweeter: The Frog Blog - The Frog Blog's Twitter account is just like the main blog - the world of science approached with passionate engagement.

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