Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Apostrophe Song App

No 9 in a series of reviews of iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps useful for English literature and language learning and teaching.

Yesterday we posted a video called 'The Apostrophe Song' under our latest CREEP. We do have a bit of an obsession with apostrophes, as can be seen from many posts in the CREEP series. We then got an email from Shaun McNicholas of Cool Rules, of Adelaide in Australia, who in their own words "are dedicated to creating innovative, effective and entertaining learning resources for adults and children. We believe that learning can always be enjoyable, and that the most effective learning occurs when multiple senses are stimulated." Shaun pointed out that The Apostrophe Song is now an app, available from the iTunes store for €0.79.

We've tried it out and are very happy to recommend it, especially at that reasonable price. You can play the Apostrophe Song to your class in various forms:- Pop/Dance, Rock, Hip-Hop or Acoustic, or best still enter the Cool Rules Schools' Challenge and record your own song and try to get your version included in the App. There's also a self-test on apostrophes with dinky noises for success or failure. The website has downloads of advice and guidelines for teachers.

Cool Rules has used App technology to produce a very useful and entertaining way of learning, and we look forward to more from them.

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