Friday, January 15, 2010

Status and Change: Russell, Ahern, Cast

We're now publishing the first of this year's selection from the Transition Year Extended Essays. These are comparative literary essays, over 2,500 words long (and often much more). Several more will follow in the coming weeks.

Opeline Kellett wrote on 'status and change' in three fictional works: Willy Russell's play Educating Rita (made into a well-known film in 1983 with Julie Walters and Michael Caine), Cecelia Ahern's The Gift, and Chosen, by PC and Kristen Cast (book 3 of the House of Night series). Opeline defends so-called 'light' fiction passionately, and writes about the last of these books:-

However even though this book is a light read with a simple plot, what it does contain is wonderful. This novel kept me gripped from page one to page three hundred and twenty two. What it has that many other books these days I find don't is that page turning quality. You simply cannot put it down. Zoey may be one of the most annoying characters in history ... However even though she is annoying she keeps you reading. You want to know what will happen to her. You want to know what the outcome of all her stupidity will be, you want to know if she can change it all around and so you just keep reading. I feel that for P.C. and Kristen Cast to create a character which you love to hate yet still want to read about is a talent in itself.

Read the full essay here.

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