Saturday, June 14, 2008

TY English evening review

This evening our Transition Year finish their year's work with the annual Actiontrack show - more on this, and pictures, in due course. Meanwhile, here is a description of the end of their English course a while back - the annual TY English Evening, written by a III former who next year will be taking the course, Dalton Tice :

The evening was a great experience and a relaxed yet interesting night. It was a fine example of the work opportunities available at St.Columba's during the Transition Year. A high standard of English was revealed among the pupils who took part and presented their pieces, written over the last two terms.

The opening piece was read by Lluisa Hebrero from Spain who has spent Transition Year here at the college. She displayed a very high and impressive level of English. Her essay, "Learning the Hard Way" described her experience of coming to a new school and the cultural shock of a new country.

Poppy Vernon's "Letter to God" was a very humorous and captivating piece and she read it with great charisma and successfully made a tired audience laugh. She was followed by "A Story from Two Perspectives" written by Rebecca Scott. She portrayed the tragic murder of a young woman from the victim's and the murderer's points of view. It was a very effective piece.

The final piece, "Shadows" by Tom Guinness, was a sad and beautifully written account of the memory of Tom's dog. His times of joy with his pet were described in a manner which brought the story to life. It brought a tear to the eye in many of the audience and certainly to Tom's.

These were only a few of the pupils who participated in the evening. Alec Cherry, Mark Kavanagh, Poppy Kirwan Browne, Fred Mann, Kate Haslett and Kaila Korschen all wrote great pieces too. They were fine examples of work in our successful English Department.

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