Monday, February 26, 2007

Popping the Question

Ronan Swift, producer of A Marriage Proposal, writes about the recent successful production :-

"The play is a brief one, even by one-act yardsticks, so we devised an opening tableau not suggested by Mr. Chekhov. Using a Shostakovich chamber symphony (cleverly looped by Benjamin Russell using a software package called “Garage Band”) we presented Lomov readying himself, as we imagined it, before walking out to nervously pop the question. Not only does he don waistcoat and tails, but checks his teeth for stains, his breath for undesirable odour! For the father/daughter relationship we tried to suggest a playful patriarch stymied by a fractious, argumentative and brat-ish lassie. He imagines a wildfowl shoot in his reception room, she scolds. She waltzes with a watering can suggesting perhaps her longing for a more animate object for her affections. Wait a minute; am I getting a bit heavy for you here? Yes, disgraceful indulgence, enough already and if you have read this far you deserve a more easygoing, conversational tone, it is a blog after all, not a prospectus. Well done. Good."

For the rest of his p
iece, 'Popping the Question', click here. We plan to put on the production again on March 15th in the BSR.

Pictures : top, preparing for the dress rehearsal (Ben Russell, Ben Armstrong, Ellie Russell). Below - waiting for the public performance.

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