Wednesday, October 11, 2006

TY Extended Essay Reading 3

More books being read by Transition Year pupils for their Extended Essay projects:-

Joseph Millar : All Quiet on the Western Front, by Eric Maria Remarque - "One thing that immediately sets this apart from other war books is that it is brutally, almost uncomfortably, honest about war. The author, being a soldier in WWI, tells it from the heart. Reading the book seems almost like reading the author's personal thoughts - it is as if he is writing from the war itself. It is an amazing, shocking book, and on many occasions it breaks your heart."

Rachael Roden : Poppy Shakespeare, by Clare Allen :- "This is a novel seen through the eyes of a psychiatric patient at a mental hospital in London. The writing style is original, probably because it is seen through the eyes of a patient who doesn't have perfect English and gives amusing names to the different aspects of the hospital. It is written by an author who spent ten years herself in a psychiatric home. I would strongly recommend this novel, as it is both amusing, and provides an insight into psychiatric practices."

Isobel Hunter : Ithaka, by Adele Geras :- "A modern interpretation of Homer's Odyssey, set in the royal household. It is told from the perspective of Queen Penelope and some servants. This book gives an honest interpretation of life in Ancient Greece. It's a heartwarming novel, with characters you can relate to."

More recommendations over the next week or so. The Extended Essays have to be completed by mid-November, and later in term we will post some completed ones here.

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