Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beware of Pity

Our Librarian, Tom McConville, recommends a book in our Library :-

"JMF spotted Beware of Pity languishing in the Library office—you must read it, he said, pouncing on it, it’s a wonderful book. And wonderful it is. An Austrian officer from the First World War, the much-decorated Captain Hofmiller, holder of the Order of Maria Theresa, the highest award for gallantry the Emperor can bestow, claims to a new-found writer acquaintance that he ‘escaped’ into the war and that his heroism stemmed not from courage but from emotional cowardice. And now, cynical of the adulation he receives and aware of the probability of a new war—it is 1937—Captain Hofmiller tells his story to the author; not of his courage in the trenches, but of the events of 1913."

Read Tom's full article here.

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