Friday, November 14, 2014

Two more recommendations

More recommendations by Transition Year pupils currently writing their Extended Essays.

Freddie de Montfort on Empire of Silver by Conn Iggulden:
This is one of my favourite series. The book is set in Mongolia and this book follows Ogedai Khan trying to rule the empire. The book has a good plot, interesting characters and massive battles which were not just interesting to hear about because of the fighting but also how they used stratefies. Another note thing I liked was its degree of historical accuracy (there was an author's note in the back which noted any deviations). I really enjoyed this book and somtimes found it hard to stop reading.

Henriette Pein: Philadelphia by Christopher Davis:
My book is about discrimination of gay people in the sixties. The book is about a lawyer who is fired because he has AIDS and is gay. He decided to fight against his law firm and a homophobe helped him. I read this book in one day because it really caught my attention and I enjoyed reading it. I laughed and cried and felt with the main character, and the style of writing is easy to read.

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