Wednesday, November 19, 2014

John Green and Cormac McCarthy

More book recommendations from the TY Extended Essay project (some of the essays themselves will be posted here later in the term).

Sophie Alexander recommends John Green's novel Looking for Alaska:-

This novel tells the story of a teenager called Miles Halter or, as he is referred throughout the novel, “Pudge”, who is tired of his lonely and predictable life. He is in search of his ‘Great Perhaps’, by which he means he is pursuing change in his life. He decides to attend a boarding school, Culver Creek for his junior year of high school.

The book is divided into two parts: ‘Before’ and ‘After’. When he arrives at Culver Creek, he meets his roommate Chip ‘The Colonel’ Martin who introduces him to the gorgeous, perplexing and emotionally confused Alaska Young.  As the story progresses, the reader is immersed in the adventures of Miles's life at Culver Creek and his growing attachment and connection to Alaska. 

The story highlights crucial elements of teenage life, such as practical jokes, bets, calamitous parties and tense meetings with the headmaster.

I found this book an interesting read as the school life in America is very different from what one would experience in Ireland or certainly here. This book fits in perfectly with my choice of ‘Love in Relationships’ for my extended essay as it demonstrates what young love and growing up really are in a remorseless and truthful light. I recommend this book to the young adult category as it was original and the themes explored relate to this age group.

Maria Herrero Tejada on Cormac McCarthy's The Road:
I personally recommend this book because the story line is brilliant, about a man and a boy walking together in a journey of danger and coldness. Not only the story line is good but it is well written as well and the English is not very difficult either - for those whose English is not their first language. I personally really enjoyed reading it and hopefully this recommendetion will get more people to read it.

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