Tuesday, May 06, 2014

'The River of Life' & 'Taxis at Night'

Two more entries for the recent Junior Poetry Prize (both on the key theme of 'Voyages').

Taxis at Night
By James O’Connor (I form)

They pass, like lightning flashing.
Almost not there, I suppose.
One hundred thousand stories
Just outside my window,
All so different, yet all the same.

I can still hear it now,
Like some crazy kind of music.
A baby was crying.
Some people, yelling in the street
As the midnight fiddle player played on.

Time may pass, generations will come and go,
But those one hundred thousand stories never fade.
They pass, like lightning flashing,
All so different, yet all the same.

The River of Life
By Grace Goulding (I form)

Into a trickle.

Swaying side to side, flowing.

A stream tip-toeing
Into another stream.

All of a sudden

Like a bullet it slices through
Everything in its way.

He is strong and powerful,
Like a cheetah hunting its prey,
Chasing its desire.

That small trickle
Has turned into a
Deep, horrific storm:
He is raging and angry.

Yet, he slowly calms
And takes
A rest.
He knows
He's home.

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