Thursday, May 15, 2014

'Macbeth' revision: law and order in Scotland

The third of of seven discussions of key issues in Macbeth, via SoundCloud. You can listen via the computer, but can also download the free app for iOS or Android and listen on your phone/tablet. Listen to the full series here.

Some things to look out for and think about:-
  • how does Macbeth embody the views and values of Shakespeare's society?
  • what was man's place in the 'great chain of being'?
  • in what way was 'order' crucial?
  • what was the nature and origin of the King's power?
  • how is Scotland disordered at the start of the play?
  • what sort of a King is Duncan?
  • what is the importance of a new King?
  • what kind of monarchy does Scotland have?

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