Monday, May 19, 2014

'Macbeth' revision: the supernatural

The fifth of seven discussions of key issues in Macbeth, via SoundCloud. You can listen via the computer, but can also download the free app for iOS or Android and listen on your phone/tablet. Listen to the full series here. This podcast deals with the supernatural in the play, particularly as it influences Macbeth's own thoughts and actions. It concentrates on the witches' influence in the early part of the play.

Things to consider this time:

  • in what way is the play distinctly 'theological'?
  • just what is the relationship between the supernatural and the human?
  • how are the witches 'catalysts'?
  • what does Macbeth's 'start' at the witches' prophecy signify?
  • what are Banquo's words that might be 'the most perceptive in the play'?
  • how do we see the unnatural 'taking hold'?
  • how does Macbeth become reckless and plunge further into a moral abyss?
  • how much is Macbeth responsible, compared to the witches, for what happens?

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