Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Transition Year English Evening, 2013

Last night in the BSR IV form finished their  course with the annual TY English Evening, and received their marks and grades. As usual, we heard some of the pieces written recently for Work Portfolios (several of these will be posted here before the end of term), and a guest speaker, this time our Librarian Mr McConville, commented on these.

Observation and reflection were the key notes of the pieces we heard. Iyobosa Bello-Asemota started things confidently with her story of a single moment in her year told in slow-motion. Arthur Moffitt followed with a very different piece of story-telling, in 'The Fairytale of the Handkerchief' which vividly imagined the pre-history of the key object in Othello (which TY had studied in class in the first term). John Clarke was third, observing his grandmother with an unblinking but affectionate eye. He was followed by two pieces called 'The Watcher', the first being an unflinching account of Bethany Shiell's work experience in a hospital, the second an unsettling short story by Ally Boyd Crotty. On a more cheerful note, Sofia McConnell read her evocation of an African scene, 'The Beauty of the World', and this lighter mood was continued by Alex Barnes-Auld, whose touching account of his first love (a teddy-bear called Sebastian) amused all. Marina Pollock read out her piece on 'The Satisfactions of Reading' (included the sensuous joys of books in the digital world) and Mark Russell finished off the readings reminiscing about his Winnie the Pooh toy.

Mr McConville then commented on the 'brilliant' quality of what he had heard, saying that it was a most impressive representation of the standard of work being done by IV formers this year. He pointed out that this process was centrally to do with creativity: in their words, the writers had created something that had never before existed. He spoke eloquently about the vital nature of reading, and in particular fiction (especially in its encouragement of empathy).

He then announced the six pupils who this year received Premier awards (over 80%): Iyobosa Bello-Asemota, Ally Boyd Crotty, Nicola Dalrymple, Eliza Hancock, Sofia McConnell and Bethany Shiell.

Well done to all, and watch this space for the work that will be posted in the coming week or two.

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