Monday, May 20, 2013

The Old Memory

Another entry for the recent Junior Poetry Prize. This is by Catherine Butt from Primary (who was awarded a Junior Scholarship last week):

The Old Memory

The rain attacked the window furiously
the day she left

It was a Saturday
A day usually full to the brim
With happiness, maybe sunshine.
But not that day:

Nurses ran back and forth
Their sad faces digging a hole in my chest,
Deeper and deeper
Filling it with tears.

Doctors screamed upsetting words
That deafened me,
Filling my ears with painful sounds
That made me want to
Curl up and disappear.

She lay in the vibrant cot
Slipping in and out of consciousness.
Time was running out,
It was nearly time for her to go.

She passed so quietly
that when it was over
it didn't seem right
That she was gone from our lives.

She may have been old,
She may have been deaf
But she broke our family chain
With her untimely death.

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