Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Another in the series of poems by candidates for the Junior Poetry Prize 2013. This is one by Nyla Jamieson (I form):


The old dog, upon hearing me come,
Slowly gets to its feet to greet me.
It drags its paws as if they are bricks or
Disobedient children.

The young dog meanwhile, springs to its feet.
Yapping loudly, it rushes over,
Its tail a blur showing the pup's joy.
Like a lightning bolt it is here at my feet.

"Sit", I command. The young dog ignores.
The old dog sits down immediately;
It gazes at me and waits for orders,
Like a slave waiting on its master.

As I watch my two dogs together,
They treat each other with strong respect.
The pup runs rings around its fellow,
Like a sheepdog around a lame ewe.

And yet, it doesn't take advantage
Of its elder's weakness.
I pat my two very different dogs,
Then go inside thinking of their friendship.

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