Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Twitter Summary

Our regular round-up of selected tweets from the last week, on matters English, literary, linguistic and technological:

  1. Our 2nd book, 'Outside the Frame' - poems, stories, essays, book recomm's by pupils & staff, published via @luludotcom:
  2. Actiontrack drama showbuild blog - Day 4:
  3. RT @TheOnion: South African Vuvuzela Philharmonic Angered By Soccer Games Breaking Out During Concerts
  4. Got one of his votes here. RT @JimCarmin: No surprise here for the Oxford poet RT @alisonflood: Geoffrey Hill wins it!
  5. Laureate Siobhan Parkinson welcomes the retention of school librarians
  6. Actiontrack blog, Day 3:
  7. 'The Twin', #IMPAC winner: links & that song, Willeke Alberti's Dutch entry for 1994 Euro Song Contest, Waar is de zon:
  8. Interview with Gerbrand Bakker and translator David Colmer ('The Twin', #impac winner) in today's Irish Times:
  9. Just one #followfriday today: the great @Larryferlazzo : a stream of interesting, wide-ranging and succinct tweets.
  10. Our review of 'The Twin' by Gerbrand Bakker, the #IMPAC winner:
  11. Former Palm DateBook fans (who miss that week view): check out the excellent #Calengoo for iPhone, sync easily with Google Calendar.
  12. Actiontrack drama blog, Day 2:
  13. Lovely- a perfect accompaniment to Jan Morris book RT @StanCarey: Trieste in the fog, a slideshow sent by @whyowhyvonne:
  14. Hear hear! RT @ScoilnetPPrim: Excellent blog from St Columba’s Art department
  15. Actiontrack blog day 1:
  16. All of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets as Wordles:
  17. Stationery nerds out there: the Muji 0.5 gel pen is terrific. Good colours for teachers for marking work, too -
  18. Konkurrenzeid, Sehnsucht, Futterneid...There are some feelings that only the German language can express:
  19. Just voted for Geoffrey Hill in the Oxford Poetry Professor stakes.
  20. 'Florence and the Machine': TY pupil's ecstatic endorsement
  21. Should someone tell Amazon that they might have got Harper Lee a teeny weeny bit wrong?
  22. Recommend a visit to Ranelagh's 'Company of Books' @CompanyofBooks - pleasant and classy.

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