Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transition Year Prize winner

Congratulations to Michael Kemp, who has won the Transition Year English Prize for his work throughout this year. This was awarded last night at the TY Prize Presentation evening (go to the College site here for the full list of awards).

One of Michael's Work Portfolio pieces, which he read out at the recent TY English Evening, was his ecstatic endorsement of his favourite band, Florence and the Machine. This was written as a response to the essay title: What event during the past year has most influenced you? If you don't know Florence and the Machine, see her on YouTube at the bottom of this post. Michael writes:

The first thing that strikes you about her live performances is her sprightly personality – her friendliness and warmth being able to transcend the pedestal she’s placed on, dressed like a fixture of Mount Olympus in gold hotpants under a light white cotton robe, and also wearing massive gold heels (which bring her to a rumoured height of 6 foot 2!). This didn’t prevent her from balletically skipping all over the stage.

Read his full essay here.

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