Friday, June 18, 2010

Junior Public Speaking Competition

Over the last 10 days, II formers have been preparing speeches in English classes for the annual Junior Public Speaking competition, compered by Mrs Haslett. Congratulations to last night's winner, Sadhbh Sheeran, who was the first speaker and talked about her local postman. Second was Siobhan Brady, who examined the terrible working conditions that go to make the latest tech toy, the iPad, and third was Josh Mathews, on life as a twin. Ludo Stewart (Greece's troubles) and Emmet Minch (golf) also got honourable mention.

The evening was varied and always interesting, with other pieces from the finalists on topics such as surfing, My Best Friend (Tara), the guitar, my teddy-bear, Scientology, bloodstock auctioneering, and Luxembourg. The judges were Mr Ryan, and two of our best debaters, V formers Patrick McGonagle and Miriam Poulton.

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