Saturday, March 27, 2010

Selected SCC English Tweets

The last round-up of our Easter term:

  1. The Gender Analyzer: can it tell if your blog was written by a man or a woman?
  2. CREEP 4: turn of the Irish Times - apparently the RTECO has an ethical co-ordinator...
  3. Excellent: an authentic, inquiry-centred, synergistic educational jargon generator: #language #jargon.
  4. Campaign for the Removal of English Errors in Public no.3 in the 'Independent' :
  5. Diagram winner of weirdest book title of 2009: "Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes" by Dr Daina Taimina:
  6. W.G.Sebald's 'The Emigrants' - original review by Gabriel Josipovici on the excellent Vertigo blog -
  7. "Using #Wordle in the English classroom":
  8. CREEP: Campaign for the Removal of English Errors in Public:
  9. New edition of 'The Submarine' library magazine on @issuu:
  10. No 2 in a series: iPhone/iPod Touch apps for English literature/language teaching/learning: #Shakespeare #iphone #apps

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