Saturday, March 13, 2010

Selected SCC English Tweets

The weekly selection. We're on an Exodus break from this afternoon until next Thursday morning, March 18th, so posting will resume then as we head into the last 9 days of term.

  1. Irish Blog Awards: few education blogs, but have a look at lit blogs from @eoinpurcell, @jenblogsbooks, @davidmaybury
  2. 2010 Irish Blog Awards 'short'list:
  3. Handling all that reading: "my evolution into schizophrenic multimedia literature butterfly " in the Guardian:
  4. Dominic Dromgoole of @The_Globe interviewed in Irish Times on new production of Friel's 'Philadelphia, Here I Come!'
  5. Skippy Dies by Paul Murray: review - "this gigantic, marvellous, witty, heartbreaking novel".
  6. National Tree Week in Ireland- Poem of the Week - 'Binsey Poplars' by Gerard Manley Hopkins-
  7. Well worth reading from today's Guardian, by Phil Beadle: the benefits of Twitter for teachers:
  8. 'Echo and Narcissus'- another poem in our Images in Poetry series:-
  9. First of a series reviewing #iPhone #apps of use in school/English teaching and learning. Starting with the obvious:

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