Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Past 2009, 4

Today, more pieces of writing from our Everybody Writes exercise. They could be by anyone in the school.

4. Christmas Day is coming. I'm sitting in my room, my sister holding my hand, and we're both looking outside, looking at the completely white garden. The snow is falling everywhere. We say nothing. The whole room is silent. We're waiting to hear the voices of our parents, when they say: 'Okay, children, it's time for you to come.'

The time goes so slowly and my sister and I just sit there on the bed.

And here's the moment. My mum is calling us. We both run out of the room, and there, there it is, the wonderful Christmas tree! My mum and my dad are standing there, so nicely-dressed, and with such lovely smiles. My heart beats fast and at this moment I could cry, and I can feel that my sister feels the same way.

Then it's time for 'Silent Night', and the four of us and the dog stand there at the Christmas tree, singing, holding hands and feeling that this is a special moment for each of us. Christmas is the night of love, and every year I can feel it. It's the best night of the whole year, not because of the presents, but because I'm with my family and every year at this time we feel how special we are.

This year it's very important, because we have had a hard time. But we're strong enough to go on, and so I can't wait for December 24th. Merry Christmas.

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