Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Past 2009, 21

It was Christmas Eve, and a cold bitter winter's night. We had just arrived back from Mass, and sprinted inside to turn on the RTE news. They confirmed it: Santa Claus was definitely coming and would be arriving in Ireland in approximately two hours.

After we had gotten everything ready for Santa Claus, I remember my mother coming out with three presents - one for me and one for each of my two brothers. Within a few seconds the red and white wrapping paper had been ripped open.

Inside the wrapping paper lay a beautiful pair of real silk pyjamas. They were gold and they were covered in small blue and white flowers. I absolutely loved them. I ran upstairs to put them on, and suddenly I could hear my father calling me to come downstairs.

I got down as fast as I could, to find my father standing at the window. 'Look, it's snowing.' I was overwhelmed by joy.

My brothers and I ran outside and gazed as the small white snowflakes that fell from the black sky stuck to the ground.

My father came out afterwards and I ran to him and jumped up into his arms. I wrapped my arms around his broad body and said, 'I love you, Daddy' and he said 'I love you too.'

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