Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Week

Exams are on for everyone, so a quiet time for the blog. We start a weekend Exodus on Saturday, and school resumes on Wednesday, following which we have an extremely busy period leading up to Christmas. We'll then be posting plenty of work by pupils - TY Extended Essays and book reports especially.

Before long it'll be time for all those newspaper 'Books of the Year'. We'll be pleased to highlight our own visitors' Books of the Year, too: please email any contributions to scc'dot'english'at'yahoo'dot'ie, and we'll gather them up and post before the end of term (or just Comment at the end of this post).


Anonymous said...

It would have to be Sebastian Barry's 'The Secret Scripture. Profoundly disturbing, but also reassuring.

SCC English Department said...

Thanks, Ian. The book's now in the College Library: we'll see if anyone's been reading it. JG