Thursday, November 13, 2008

Edublogs Awards 2008

We are delighted to nominate our esteemed Science Department's Frog Blog for the 2008 Edublogs Award in the 'Best New Blog' category. This is an excellent mixture of general science news across many disciplines (Biology, Geology, Agricultural Science, Physics and more), articles on significant moments in the history of science, pupils' essays and some entertaining links. And, of course, a slightly strange obsession with frogs. Good luck, chaps.


Jeremy Stone said...

Thank you once again for nominating us! But I do question your referencing of the sheepgame as a form of entertainment!

Frog Bloggers

SCC English Department said...

Dear Froggies, We understand your defence of the serious educational potential of chasing sheep around a screen with a mouse, and were in no way attempting to denigrate its importance.
Yours, the long-haired poetry lot.