Monday, October 20, 2008

P, I, II form plays

Last night in the BSR we had the annual Primary, I and II form plays, to kick off the drama season. The I form presented Hiss the Villain (and Boo), an old-style melodrama featuring (amongst others) Emmet Minch as the snake-hipped villain Snaker, Rishi Manuel as his nemesis Bowler, Aidan Chisholm as the narrator, and Sally Beeby and Molly Buckingham as the mother and daughter Nobles. It was directed by Mr Peter McCarthy (with additional assistance on the ivories) and Mr Michael Patterson.

This was followed by an entertaining version of Jack and the Beanstalk (right), written by II formers Nicole Cosgrove and Lily Guinness and directed by Ms Anne Hallahan. This featured Jack (Jamie Boyd), a giant (Neil Dalrymple), as well Zach Stephenson, Freddie Cole, Niamh Faulkner and more performers.

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i was in that play toooo!!!!