Friday, October 10, 2008

Memory at Work 3

The final collection of pieces from Mr Swift's I form set, following Wednesday's and Thursday's:-

Michael Dunne to Another Level: I’m in Robbie’s room, this is how they get up but they are taller than me. I think I just saw a glimpse of someone’s leg. Yes, it is Robbie.
“If you can get on the roof I’ll give you this packet of chocolate buttons.”
“I can’t reach.”
I can almost reach the window with a chair but I need some extra height. I can reach it if I jump but the chair might fall. I’ll do it. One, two, three. I catch the window and the chair doesn’t fall. I’m in luck.
There is so much snow on the roof but where is everyone else?
Robbie picks me up and turns me upside down.
“Here are your chocolate buttons.”

Salty Sally : We hop into the big donuts and set off at a slow pace. Then as we get out into the ocean we accelerate. I am shouting. My brother and Dad are laughing and shouting too. My brother, who is in the middle bangs in and out…all I can see is water. When I open my eyes I get a bucket of salty water thrown at me. The big, clear waves bounce us up in our donuts. My heart is thumping inside my blue T-shirt. All I can taste is salty water.

Sullivan’s PS2 Moment : I run my fingers along the sides and corners of the box and I feel a thin layer of cardboard separating me from my prize. I open the box slowly, as if I am about to cut the wire of a bomb. There is a great sense of pressure in the room. I open it slowly and see a black box. I carefully lift it out of its box and see the special three markings.

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