Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House Speeches 08

Here, Sophie Millar comments on the recent Transition Year House Speech Competition :

Transition Year Speeches ’08 is something that will forever sculpture and symbolize our year. I think, for me, it was certainly an event which gave the unique essence of our small society. We had humorous Harry Bravery introducing each courageous speaker in that infamous laughable accent, and in passing making some witty comments. As for each speaker, they approached the daunting crowd with great confidence and in most cases with impressive casualness. I think this was most profoundly shown in Alex Cafolla’s speech and Andrew Martin’s. Everyone did so well and they should be really proud of themselves! I sure have great respect for them as I know I couldn’t have done anything like it.

First off we had Kate, speaking about Offaly, who had the hard task of being first. Then was Andy McCabe, bravely skateboarding on stage; following him we had Harry Brooke on his baby sister, Jake Jacobson on the Olympics, Olivia Plunkett on embarrassing parents, Jessy Sheils on footwear and Andrew Martin (irritating girls). Andrew had great fluency and humour with a great reaction from the audience. I’m very happy for him that he won. Finishing off we had Alex (his hair), Rob (JCT team) and Virginia. I don’t know what to say about them, they were amazing and showed great character.

As for the interval I think they all should win some kind of prize, it surely showed what our year is all about. I can’t say anything critical as anything that makes me smile that much can have nothing but positive comments. Well done to some strange way I feel immensely proud of them!

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