Friday, March 07, 2008

Macbeth at the Empty Space

Yesterday in the Irish Times, Peter Crawley reviewed the Siren Productions' version of Macbeth at the Empty Space, which we will be going to see with V formers on Monday night :

Assidously paced, strikingly lit and hauntingly scored, the satirical thrust and warped phantasmagoria of this Macbeth may lessen its tragic impact, but its inspired images and savage beauty will haunt your dreams.

Helen Meany reviews it in today's Guardian : Selina Cartmell directs with close attention to symbolism, imagery and theatrical gestures - at times at the expense of the unfolding drama. Emotion is held at arm's length, and fails to grip.

One of our V formers will review the production here next week after our own visit. (Added later : See Rebecca Feeney-Barry's review here).

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