Thursday, March 06, 2008

Actiontrack II workshops

Yesterday, Patrick Tice was one of the II formers who spent the morning at a drama workshop in the BSR with the Actiontrack team. Patrick played the role of the Messenger powerfully in the recent Junior Play production of Antigone. He reports :-

Actiontrack Drama worked with my class on Wednesday. They are two people, a woman called Cindy and a man called Nick. We did improvisation activities which worked on our creativity and acting.

For example while Rab spoke gibberish I had to translate his words to the class. Another activity we did was where one person told a story from the top of their head while their partner, using no words, acted the story out, or someone acted a story while their partner had to narrate it.

We also did an activity in groups of four where we had to make the shapes of various things using our bodies. For example my team created a church, a car, a tree, and a chair by getting into certain shapes. We then had to use these shapes in a story.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Actiontrack Drama. It was good fun and I did things that I had never done before.

Actiontrack conclude today by working with the whole form, and another pupil will report tomorrow.

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