Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ronan Swift, Live in Concert

A shameless plug for the most versatile member of our multi-talented English Department : Ronan Swift performs at Bewley's Cafe Theatre on Wednesday next, December 5th, from 8.30pm. Tickets €10 at the door.

[Ronan Swift – acoustic guitar / vocals. Josh Johnston – piano / vocals. Eoin O'Brien – Electric Guitar / Vocals. Bill Blackmore – Trumpet.]

In the words of his publicity agent :

Swifty is an Autumn man. But by now it is Winter and although past his very best he is still worth a flutter. Leaf fall is general across Ireland. Breezes push and shove flimsy birds to distant parishes. As they are buffeted they sing, so does Swifty.

[added April 2009 : see here for a podcast interview with Ronan about his 2009 album, Farewell Future Wives]

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