Thursday, December 06, 2007

Poem of the Week : Going Places

Our 16th Poem of the Week is one by a Junior Certificate pupil, Amelia Shirley, another in the series called Going Places from Liam Canning's class, which we started a couple of days ago. Her response to Billy Collins's 'Walking Across the Atlantic' is :

Going Places, by Amelia Shirley

Sitting in the back seat of the car,
The world outside becomes a blur
Of colours messing with my eyes.

This road seems familiar,
These woods, this side of the valley,
I’ve been here before,
A long time ago, perhaps.

As we swerve round the corner,
Old Barry’s pub appears ahead,
The field belonging to the Fosters becomes clear.

Mother looks back and smiles at me,
As if reading my blank expression,
As the happiness it was.
We’re going home.

As usual, this poem is currently being displayed around the school.

Finally, here are the other poems from the project, by Jasper Pickersgill, Daphne Wright, Rob Nolan and Igor Verkhovskiy.

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