Sunday, April 15, 2018

Senior Poetry Prize

This is the term when entries for the Senior Poetry Prize are encouraged.  All entries are to be typed and sent to Mr. Canning by the evening of Monday 14th   May at the latest.

Entries should contain a portfolio of  between two and five poems based on or inspired by the idea of either :-‘Poetry Tells' or 'Feeling'.

Poems should be at least ten lines long, and typed.  The winning entry will be based on the overall standard of the entrant’s body of poems. There will also be a prize for the best poem if it is not in the winner’s selection. Other strong entries will be posted on here.

The English Department will also give smaller book tokens to strong entries that do not win the Prize. 

You can treat the ideas, of ‘Telling', or 'Feeling' in a free way: any connection is fine, as long as the poems are clearly connected by image, inspiration, theme, form, situation, context …

The Peter Dix Memorial Prize for Poetry was presented by the Dix family in memory of Peter, who died in the Lockerbie tragedy in 1988.  The Memorial (pictured), by sculptor Joe Sloan, is kept in the Library and inscribed with the names of past winners.

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