Thursday, April 26, 2018

Junior Poetry Prize 2

Two more good entries for this year's Junior Poetry Prize:

'Life's Sound' by Mariola Guemes 

I like the sound of
The breaking waves

I like to listen to
The rain falling

I like your breathing deep and calm,
It doesn’t matter the place nor when

I like the sound riding in the sand,
As well as those steps in chain

I like the singing of the birds
The living of the trees and
The feeling of the life

The only sound I can not stand
Is the sound of this world
And its great sorrow.

'The Sound of Pain' by Edna Johnston

The silent night, shines so bright
As I try and cope with the pain
I'll try to fight, and bury my plight
But my blood will start the rain

I have no faith; I'm filled with hate
While I stare at the midnight sky
I've had enough of your lies, and heard enough of your cries
I'll move on without wondering why

I guess I'll wish you well, but I hope you burn in hell
So you could feel what you made me feel
Till death do us part? Well now I’ll break your heart
This night just feels so surreal

I look into your eyes, and remember the lies
While my heart is filled with disdain
Your love was just lust, and I’m filled with disgust
Because your lust brought me nothing but pain

And now, with a gun to my heart, this is where we’ll part
In the overwhelming weight of the rain
So I’ll leave with this scar, and I’ll forget who you are,
Because I’m tired of coping with the pain.

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