Saturday, February 07, 2015

Gatsby revision Chapter 6

Watch ShowMe analyses of
a)    Tom and Daisy at Gatsby’s party: (pp 90-91).
b)    Gatsby’s despair about Daisy: (pp 95-6).

  • What portrait is given in this chapter of the young James Gatz?
  • What is the influence of Dan Cody on Gatz/Gatsby?
  • Three short quotations about Gatz’s/Gatsby’s youth.
  • Why is Gatsby ‘unutterably depressed’ near the end of the chapter (p. 85)?
  • If you had to choose one short passage (c.20 lines) as the key one in this chapter, what would it be? Why? Key quotations?
  • Three other useful quotations from the chapter not used already.

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