Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Never Let Me Go

For his Transition Year Extended Essay, Harvey McCone is reading Kazuo Ishiguro's haunting Never Let Me Go and writes:-

I like weird books. In a different kind of world or time. That is why I decided to read 'Never Let me Go'. It is a tale of three main characters: Kathy, Ruth and Tommy. The story is told by Kathy. She talks about her meories of their time growing up. They were raised in a picturesque boarding school in the countryside called Hailsham. However this school is different. The students never leave and they call their teachers guardians. They are taught that personal welfare is most imortant.

This is a story of young people growing up and discovering the devastating truth about the short lives ahead of them. It is about love, freindship and loss. I liked this book a lot. I developed strong feelings for the three characters, especially Kathy. If you enjoy books about young people and don't mind something a bit different, this should be the book for you.

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