Monday, October 21, 2013

Hesse, Morpurgo, Remarque

Three more recommendations from IV formers of books they have read recently for their TY Extended Essays:-

Michael Murphy has read Michael Morpurgo's Alone on a Wide Wide Sea:-
I really liked this book because it was so interesting to find out what was going to happen in Arthur's life. It was the first book I've ever wanted to actually make sure I get my prep done fast so I can have a little time just to read more of the book. The story is very good and also very sad; it really makes you feel like you know the characters as if they were your actual friends in life. I'd recommend this book to anyone as I'd know they'd enjoy it as well.

Ciaran Chisholm recommends Erich Maria Remarque's classic All Quiet on the Western Front:
Anyone at all interested in the First World War would love this novel. Remarque describes the perspective of a everyday German soldier in the trenches with very powerful and poignant imagery that keeps the reader gripped with every word.

And Oisin Large recommends Hermann Hesse's The Glass Bead Game: 
It's about a man named Joseph Knecht who explains his life through the book. His dream is to become the Magister Ludi (the master of the game) of the glass bead game. The glass bead game helps people to understand their own lives better. It makes fiction become reality and you realise the truth of the world.

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