Monday, November 12, 2012

TY Book Recommendations 10

Rebeca Blasco and Isabel Richter-Goebel have both read books by Nicholas Sparks as part of their preparation for the Transition Year Extended Essay.

I recommend a book called El cuaderno de Noah or in English The Notebook, which is written by Nicholas Sparks, because it is a really good book about love. It's about a girl called Allie who spends a summer (1940) in Searbrook, South Carolina. There she meets Noah and they start to spend their time together and also they fall in love. She's a girl from a wealthy family and he is not a guy with lots of money, so when her parents learn of their love, they decide to leave Searbrook for her to forget Noah.

After a few years, they meet again and after some events they fall in love again and in the end they get married. The film of the book starts with an old man and an old woman, as he reads her a notebook about a love story, and the film finishes with these two old people and you can know that both of them are the couple of the story and he is reading the diary of their story because she has Alzheimer's and he doesn't want her to forget him.

I think this story is one of the most beautiful love stories  in the world, so I recommend it for all the people who like romance books because they will like the true love of this couple.

I read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks for my extended essay about relationships, and it was very good. It is about a girl called Ronnie whose life turns upside down when her parents divorce and her father moves away from their family. She gets rebellious and stops playing the piano, which she is very good at, because she used to play it with her father.

After three years her mother decides that it is the best for everyone if Ronnie and her little brother spend the summer at their father's house. Ronnie meets a boy and they fall in love with each other. When she finds out that her father has stomach cancer, she tries to forgive him and starts to play the piano again. She starts to realize what she has done wrong and when her father dies she regrets not spending enough time with her father. It is a book full of happy but also sad moments, which is  very emotional as well. I really enjoyed reading it.

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