Saturday, June 09, 2012

Two Poems

Two more poems from entries to the recent Junior Poetry Prize, both from Sofia McConnell (III form):-

Wild Hours of the World

Wild is the world when it scorches rivers
Wild is the wind when debris it litters
Wild are the creatures that live on the plains
Wild are the skies when down come the rains
Wild are the angry bees
And dangerous are the stormy seas
Wild is the world we live in
But my home is my heaven.

Time to Go

She’s small
She’s neat
Tiny shoes on her feet
She gently breathes and silently heaves
A sigh of anticipation
For her new occupation,
Scary but fun,
A fairy’s job:
Control of the sun.
This is a fairy,
Laughter and love all in one.
I watch her fly
Up so high.
Now she’s gone
Lost to the Sun.

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