Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Actiontrack Day 1

Over the next week, Alex Owens will be reporting on the daily progress of the Transition Year Actiontrack Showbuild. It started today, and so here is her first report:-

Tuesday 12th June. Today is the first day of our Actiontrack Showbuild. Nick, the main instructor along with his peers Molly and Rich, have come over to Ireland from England to help us, Transition Year put on a performance made from scratch at the end of the week. Yes: no set script, no set songs, no set dance, but all from scratch and all our ideas.

Today we started off today by playing Actiontrack's most famous game, ‘Zip Zap Boing’, to help us all warm up. This was followed by creating letters moving around the room while not being able to move anyone nor talk to anyone else. After break we then moved on to creating the life’s story behind a made-up character called Fran Alex Benedict. After being split into groups we had to act out different stages in his life incorporating any ideas we wanted. We then were given genres for each scene we got and had to incorporate our genres which could have been Rom Com (Romantic Comedy), Gothic fantasy, SciFi etc. We also looked at basic fairy tales and making sketches for each one followed by looking at the message behind all of them and then bringing them to life showing off the  message behind each fairy tale incorporating our genres again.

After lunch we were given short stories written by the famous writer Ovid from the Metamorphosis in which we had to make a quick pitch on whatever story we got for about a minute long, setting it in current times or relating it to a more current day situation but using the main story behind it.

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