Thursday, May 31, 2012

Junior Poetry

Two more poems from the recent entries to the 2012 Junior Poetry Prize:-

'Time is a Notion' by Kirsten Higgins (I)
As we traverse the milky way
Bound to our sun
23 kilometres per second they say.
Fast enough for any bay.

Our axis spin is timed in segments
Broken down into simple seconds
Our moon hauls round the other way
Slowing us down each year they say.

We lose the moon eventually
We change our speed of spin per day
The seconds get longer of course.
So what is time?

True space travellers we already are
Round the sun in one earth year
Round the Milky Way takes time
Combined, our time is truly fine.


'Time Means' by Thomas Lyster (II)
Time means having time to enjoy.
Time means patience.
Time means tolerance.
Time means not having to rush.

Time means not having to push.
Time means having time to gaze.
Time means having time to laze
Time means relaxing.
Time means what we want it to mean.
Time can mean anything.
Time can be precious.

Time is precise.
Time is significant.
Time is extraordinary.

Time is strange.
Time goes too fast.

Time goes slowly.
Time means everything.

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