Saturday, May 26, 2012


Joanna Tottenham received a Commendation for her recent entries to the Senior Poetry Prize. Here is one of her poems (inspired perhaps by Sylvia Plath's 'Mirror'):-


I am precise and square. I do not forget
When I am told, I remember
Untainted by my preconceptions
I am an elephant. I never forget.
The mind of an academic, ink stained.
I pass my days collecting dates.
I am ordinary. I have taken so many.
I think I will explode. But it changes:
Months and days end with a band.

Now I am afresh. A new face appears,
Exploring my seasons for a time.
Then she succeeds and blesses me
With a note. She smiles and leaves.
I am her time keeper
Every day she visits me and stares.
I tell her the secrets and remember hers.
Her memory and mind are mine.
She grows and soon will be out of reach.

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