Sunday, May 15, 2011

Junior Poetry Prize 2011

Congratulations to Samuel Clarke (II form) on winning this year's Junior Poetry Prize. His winning entry, 'His World', appears below, and over the coming days we will be posting more entries.

'His World' by Samuel Clarke


Burnt sienna

Warm crimson

The summer green is gently fading
And the lush fading away.

He lashes his new array of colours onto the world’s palette.
Rusty, crisp autumnal shades slowly dictate his canvas,
As he softy blends,
Casting the world into a swirling, blazing flame.


Red ochre

Renaissance gold

The overlapping, shimmering wings of the tree tips faintly shine,
As the fluid brushstrokes of evening light
Bid for freedom,
Through the rustling leaves,
And posing clawed branches of his art.

He boldly streaks his palette knife, slicing it across the canvas,
Casting the world’s jagged shards of light,
Into brilliant streaming rays.


Venetian red

Naples yellow

His fire of light continues to dance and flicker,
The trees’ leaves beginning to glow,
Their soft amber tone
Breathing as the embers of a dying fire.
The Artist stares
A gaze of intent upon his new work.

Through the viewer’s eyes, it is just another painting.
Through his eyes it is just another creation.
His season of autumn.
His world.


Anonymous said...

When will the Senior Poetry Prize winner be announced?

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