Thursday, March 24, 2011

WBD Survey 19

And so we come to the final post of recommendations from our World Book Day Survey earlier this month (well, unless there's a flood of extra ones). Coming soon, a 'special issue' of recommendations and some stats.

MikeBrawer: The Ugly Little Boy by Isaac Asimov
It is a 30-page short story that leaves you with your jaw on the floor.  It is a great story by a master of literature not just the Science Fiction Genre.  It is, like most great literature, about normal people in unusual circumstances.

Anseo A Mhuinteoir : Bernard Dunne's autobiography
I can almost hear him speak while reading this book. That's a rare talent - to be able to write as you speak and still sound professional.

Sarah: Lightning by Dean Koontz
It's been one of my favourite books for years.  It's a great combination of horror - scare the pants off you, science fiction - time travel but written so it seems completely achievable, funny - you laugh one minute then hide under the covers the next - just a great book overall!  I can read it again and again and never tire of it.

@fboss: Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre
This was the plan that fooled the Nazis and turned the tide of World War II in the Allies' favour. It's crammed with great accounts and details from the period and really brings it to life.

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