Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TY Book Recommendations 8

Well, this in fact couldn't be called a 'recommendation'. Not all books that Transition Year pupils choose for their Extended Essays turn out well, such as Lucy Christopher's Stolen, which Catie McGonagle is now going to warn you off:

This book was found to be quite disappointing due to its poor writing style, predictability, and the lack of importance this book has on nearly anyone's life.  I read it and was bored.  I honestly could not care less what happened to the characters in this book.  It was about this young girl named Gemma who was kidnapped by her stalker in an airport and somehow managed to find herself in the middle of the desert in Australia.  The majority of the book consisted of her trying to escape and failing.  The worst part was that I knew, at the beginning of every escape attempt, that there was no way she was going to make it.  It was so obvious yet it kept happening over and over again.  

Although the middle was a boring mish-mash of failed escapes, the beginning and the end were both very enjoyable parts of the book.  The whole thing is a letter to her captor and it is interesting in the beginning to hear what she remembers about getting drugged and kidnapped, and also what she has to say to her stalker about it.  Besides that and the mildly exciting ending, the book was a total bore and I definitely would not suggest anyone to try to pick it up anytime soon!

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