Sunday, October 17, 2010

Junior Form Plays

Earlier this evening we had the annual Primary, I and II form plays. These are always the first productions of our busy drama year, and often feature pupils new to the Columban stage.

Primary and I form put on Sherlock Holmes and the Emerald of Alcazar ('Holmes is back on the stage but this time it's personal). Directed by Tibradden VI formers Michael McBurney and Jasper Pickersgill, and produced by Mr Patterson, it featured Gregory Munday as the great detective and Ryan Jan as sidekick Dr Watson. The usual dastardly and cunning plot was driven along by actors including Mark Crampton (publican), Darcy Maule (Harriet), Hollie Canning (Molly), Helena Gromotka (Tilly), a well-uniformed police force led by Janet Boyd (Inspector Lestrade) and Sergeant Gotcha (Penny Nash). Throw in assorted urchins and locals and we had an entertaining brew. Eventually Holmes did, of course, triumph over the Countess (Eleanor Moffitt).

This was followed by Mr Swift's II form production of Lucille Fletcher's Sorry, Wrong Number. The undoubted star here was Samuel Clarke with an amazing central performance as the rich New Yorker Mrs Stephenson. He was supported by a battery of telephone operators including Bethany Shiell and Lydia Johnson, a convincing 'thug' in Mark McAuley and languid cop Sergeant Duffy (Mark Russell). Great stuff all round.

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