Friday, December 10, 2010

Rory Kinnear's Hamlet

Last night 130 of us went to the National Theatre Live showing of Hamlet, featuring Rory Kinnear, in the Dundrum cinema; there will be a pupil report here shortly. A list of some of the reviews this production has received:-

  • The Guardian (Michael Billington): Elsinore has a hugely living presence in the production.
  • London Independent (David Lister). A world where everything is watched and noted.
  • Daily Telegraph (Charles Spencer). Kinnear captures the humanity, humour, pain and multi-layered complexity of the role.
  • The Express (Neil Norman). Hamlet is a kind of uber-geek who could happily captain the winning team on University Challenge.
  • This is London (Henry Hitchings). Kinnear refreshes the key speeches.
  • New York Times (Matt Wolf). This is a Hamlet who knows how to use language as its own kind of cloak, until those moments when grief takes over and he succumbs to a silent scream.
You can also hear Kinnear discuss the role with Mark Lawson on Front Row here.


Jeremy Stone said...

Ah! That makes sense. I thought it was Roy Kinnear.

SCC English Department said...

That would have livened up the tragic bits...