Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Start of Michaelmas Term

This afternoon we welcome to the College our many new pupils, and tomorrow we start term properly. Somehow, at SCC English, we've arrived at our fifth year blogging, and during this term there will be much that is familiar: our prime focus during term-time is on the pupils' own work, and there will be plenty of creative writing, book recommendations and literary essays published here. Have a look here for instance at eight of the excellent literary Transition Year Extended Essays from last Michaelmas Term.

Over the holidays we've had a make-over, and there will also plenty of more substantial developments, including, as they say in the movies, a 'Major New Series' of short podcasts on the features of poetry.

Thanks to Adrian Weckler, who last night on the 'The Last Word' with Matt Cooper on Today FM radio made several very complimentary remarks on both this site and the science Frog Blog. We'd also like to draw attention to the excellent College Art Department blog, which is back in action today with a distinctly peculiar tea-cup...

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