Saturday, October 17, 2009

'Ten Poems I Love to Teach'

[The first of an irregular series of posts specifically for English teachers]

Eric Selinger has a lively article at Poetry Foundation called 'Ten Poems I Love to Teach', in Poetry Foundation's 'Ten Poems' series in its Learning Lab. Selinger's poems are :
  • 'To My Dear and Loving Husband', by Anne Bradstreet
  • 'Wild Nights! - Wild Nights!' by Emily Dickinson
  • 'Those Winter Sundays' by Robert Hayden
  • 'The Sun Rising' by John Donne
  • 'Theme for English B' by Langston Hughes
  • 'The New Colossus' by Emma Lazarus
  • 'If We Must Die' by Claude McKay
  • 'Easter 1916' by W.B. Yeats (on our Leaving Cert course - Selinger writes Once I realized that Yeats, too, isn’t quite sure where he’s going—that he’s trying to figure out what sort of transformation has taken place in 'them', and hoping that symbolism will help him—the stumbles made sense, and our journey had a map.)
  • 'How Do I Love Thee?' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • 'Beam 10' by Ronald Johnson

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