Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Acharnians, Senior Play

This year's Senior Play (on November 13th and 14th) is The Acharnians, by Aristophanes, directed by Mr Swift. An early comedy, The Acharnians is also an anti-war drama (appropriate for the week of Remembrance Day, November 11th). We'll have plenty on the production in coming weeks. Meanwhile, below is the cast list.

Dikaiopolis: Poppy Vernon
Euripides: Michael McBurney
Euripides’s Slave: Olivia Plunket
Lamachos: Robbie Hollis
Lamachos’s Slave: Seth Smith
Herald: Emma Moore
Ambassador: Millie Murphy
Amphitheos: Gina Mirow
Theorus: Robin Fitzpatrick
Nikarkos: Miriam Poulton
Megarian: Patrick Tice
Boeotian: Opeline Kellett
Ismenias: Sebastian Stephenson
Xanthias: Zara Lahme
Pseudartabas: Rob Nolan

Chorus of Acharnians
Dikastes: Jasper Pickersgill
Polypragmon: Max Kavanagh
Lakreteides: Josh Buckingham

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